Our Week: Teething & Cupcakes

I was extra crankin' pants at Samantha's. She showed my mom the bouncing leg maneuver.

She still loves me even though I barfed on her sweater and made out with her knee.

Mom was about to meltdown when Great Aunt Sharyn saved the day! She is a baby expert.

I had a front row seat to watch my mom bake cupcakes. Then I passed out and Aunt Shayno put me in the co-sleeper.

This baby bird was waiting on our back porch to say good morning. Still had downy feathers. Mom was terrified it was hurt or lost, but it happily hopped and flew away soon enough.

Vegan chocolate cuppycakes with black cherry frosting, for the midwives.

Vegan mango cupcakes with almond mango icing, for the midwives.

Vegan coconut cupcakes with coconut frosting. For you know who.

So it seems we are on constant teething alert. The pain comes and goes, and we always have to play the guessing game (Tired? Hungry? Wet? OR Teething?).  I’ve resorted to baby Motrin a few times after the Humphries Teething Tablets did nothing.  I don’t feel great about giving him medicine, so now we’re going to try Camilia, which is homeopathic. Heard good things but I’m skeptical…we’ll see.

Was SO excited to make these cupcakes for a midwifery conference this weekend.  Guess I’m ready to get cookin’ again! If you know anyone whose looking for some culinary assistance, please send them here.  I’ll give ’em some love.

Vegan Eats for my Midwife

My midwife welcomed her third child a couple months ago, and I’ve been trying to bring her food ever since.  But I got a cold, then Ian got a cold, then I got mastitis, then she got mastitis…so it took a couple months for the food delivery to actually happen (selfishly, I really wanted to see her and the baby and I disguised this desire with food).  Her little Zula has a dairy allergy, so mama had to go vegan.  Inspired by this recipe, I started to play with these ingredients.

I’ve decided the only way I’m dealing with garlic is to roast it.  I hate peeling cloves of raw garlic, chopping raw garlic, getting it all over my hands and having to deep clean the cutting board so it doesn’t stink to high heaven.  Roasting simply involves one quick cut to chop the top off, a drizzle of oil and salt, bunch it up in foil and put it in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes. You have sweet, soft garlic that oozes out of its pod peels like butter.  No peeling, no chopping, and no burning garlic when you try to saute.

Creamy Tomato Pasta with Fresh Basil

1 head roasted garlic

1 15 oz can stewed tomatoes

1 cup raw cashews

2 Tbsp tomato paste

4 servings pasta (used half of one box of spaghetti)

Up to 1/2 cup pasta water

1/2 cup finely chopped basil

Put cashews in blender or food processor and blend until creamy.  Add garlic, tomatoes, and tomato paste and blend until smooth.

Transfer sauce into large skillet and heat over low heat until gently simmering.

Cook pasta according to directions on the box, and make sure the pasta water is salty (this is the only opportunity you have to season the pasta).  If the sauce is too thick, add small amounts of hot pasta water until the desired consistency is achieved.  Drain pasta and add to sauce.  Take off heat and toss with the basil.  Serve immediately.

Every new mama deserves cake.  Racha got vegan vanilla cupcakes with raspberry “butter” cream frosting.  Again, inspired by this cupcake recipe and this frosting recipe, I started to play…

I actually followed the cupcake recipe exactly, and the batter was very thick.

I liked the flavor, but they came out more like a muffin than cake.  Hefty.  I don’t know that I’d use this recipe again.

Ian was a very patient boy, playing in his bouncy while I worked in the kitchen.  I hope this is foreshadowing of a cooking friendly kiddo.

Vegan Raspberry “Butter” Cream Frosting

1 cup Earth Balance

3 cups powdered sugar, sifted if it has lumps

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 cup raspberry juice, added 1 Tbsp at a time (took 1/2 cup fresh raspberries, cooked over low heat until mushy, strained to get rid of seeds and refrigerated until cool)

Using a stand mixer or hand mixer, beat EB until light and fluffy.  Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy.  Add vanilla and juice, a little at a time, until desired consistency.  You want the frosting to be stiff enough to pipe.  If it’s too runny, add sugar, too stiff, add juice.

Easiest piping ever:  Put frosting into a gallon freezer bag.  Cut the tip of one corner and pipe frosting onto cupcakes.  Top with a single raspberry.