Get Your Own “Pascal Inspired” Costume!

The illusive Pascal costume. My posts on Ian’s handmade costume have gotten more traffic than any other post I’ve done. As many of you know, there isn’t a commercial Pascal costume out there. After searching last year, my wonderful and talented aunt Sharyn made Ian his very own.

And now she will make one for your child as well. I know!

There is only one of her, so if you are interested please send me a message! I will put you in contact with her. The cost is $80.00, plus shipping.


Obsessed. He watches the movie intently for at least ten minute stretches, which I’m pretty sure is crazy for an eight month-old.

He like his daddy.

He especially loves the green chameleon, Pascal. He gives an audible gasp when he pops up on screen.

Anyone want to make Ian a Pascal costume? I'll pay ya (in cupcakes).

We simultaneously feel guilty and proud. Look at our little TV watcher! How Ugly American of us. Now I just need some snug sweatpants and a baby leash and I’m all set!

UPDATE: A reader is making Pascal costumes! Check out her Etsy shop and get one for your little chameleon.