Pregnant Lady’s First Meal

We love Bandera.  Great service, exceptional food, close to home.  Done.  And tonight we had much to celebrate!

I decided to order a bunch of sides.  I started with the grilled artichoke, which I inhaled.  Husband helped a little.

Husband ordered a small house salad, and I must say that the dressing was exceptional.  I asked our server about it and this is what she said the components were:  lemon, champagne vinegar, olive oil, little bit of garlic, salt and sugar.

It was exceptionally BRIGHT.  Like it was dancing on my tongue.  I think the champagne vinegar must be the secret.  Gonna try to replicate just as soon as I have any energy.  Mmmm, might be next year.

Husband’s cheeseburger.  He gives it a 7.  He didn’t like the roll and it had sweet relish on it which he scraped off.  I thought it tasted amazing, my big thing is FLAVOR.  I want to taste the roll, the meat, the cheese, the tomato.  They all have to sing.  My pet peeve is when all the burger elements just sort of meld together.  Not interesting, even if the meat is cooked perfectly.  Just sayin’.

I had one spinach, squash and cheese enchilada.  Holy mounds of cheese.

And a side of mac and cheese, because apparently I hadn’t ingested enough cheese yet.  I must say, the mac and cheese was not a home run for me because of the copious use of rosemary.  Why?  Not a rosemary fan.  Tastes like pine trees.

Husband had the banana cream pie for dessert.  It is famous for a reason.  Money.

I had the cherry rhubarb crisp.  Again, please.

Now I’m very tired.  We’re gonna watch House and call it a life. xo

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