One of the big excitements of the day was toast.  Yes, until today we did not own a toaster.  No, there is no good reason.  Also, we do not own a coffee maker, because we don’t drink coffee.  Bizarre, I know.

My body cried out “toast!” this morning so I sprinted to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got me a brand new sparkly toaster.

There were two series of toast today.  The first was not documented because I was so hungry there was no time to take a picture.  It was almost identical to the toast below, except that the almond butter was swapped for butter butter.

Cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter and strawberry jam.  Served with nuts and sliced strawberries (basically I enjoyed nuts and strawberries in several forms).  This was my “big” meal of the day.

I also had a strong chips and salsa craving.  Cravings are fun!

What happens when a natural “nester” gets knocked up?  Watch out.  She’s organizing her organizers.

When my mom was in town a couple of months ago, we started to decorate the bedroom and upstairs hallway.  We didn’t complete the job because we were having too much fun eating gelato and rocking in our new/old rocking chairs.

Husband (who is being beyond amazing and adorable) and I finished the job today!  In one hour!  The above is our only framed wedding photo, in a frame, in our upstairs hallway.

The tree of life, above my bedside table.  Fitting.

I love this piece.  Husband finds it “interesting” and kind of old fashioned.  The agreement was if he finds something he likes more, and we agree on it, we will replace it.  I’m here to tell you that will never happen.

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