Top Ramen at 5am

4:45am.  Up like a shot.  Top Ramen.  Stat.  What is going on?

I’m four weeks, not 14 weeks.

It was a little salty (duh).  However, the nausea has completely dissipated.  I am already an officially changed woman:  I am eating small meals through out the day and only drinking water.  Who am I?

I am very excited for Bethenny Getting Married, although I have to say it’s a lot of pressure to watch someone that cute and tan and perfect be pregnant.  It might do more harm than good.

In this moment, I am scared.  Never have I felt so out of control in my life, although I recognize none of us actually have any control ever, but I gotta tell you, I think I thought I did.

I cooked yesterday, and it was the most exhausting experience.  How am I going to do that three days next week?  With lots of prayer, water, saltines, and breaks.  And I know my energy will return.  Someday.

2 comments on “Top Ramen at 5am

  1. 2nd trimester you arre going to feel AMAZING! The tired goes away I promise! Also, yoir food did not suffer due to your exhaustion. Larry can’t stop singing your praises!

    • Thanks, Sammie! I’m SO glad the food turned out in spite of my confused, nauseated, exhausted state. You will be very happy to know that I have already eaten 3 times today! Changed woman…changed mama. I’m trying to set a dinner date with your hubby. What should we make? xoxo

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