Food Is Not The Enemy

All day sickness has kicked in.  It seems to peak during the night (could be that I’m the least distracted and notice it more?), so I sleep whenever and try not to cruise the internet at 3am for first trimester horror stories…

I’m learning that no matter how nauseous I feel, eating the moment I get a hunger pang makes me feel SO much better.  Yesterday, I enjoyed a D’anjou pear.

Husband and I went to Trader Joes to shop for ingredients for a dinner we are hosting tonight.  Cooking ribs is gonna be REAL interesting.  But I digress.  While at the grocery store I suddenly had an overwhelming craving for chicken ravioli from Earth, Wind, and Flour.  Now, I’ve never actually eaten them before, but they sounded delicious.  And they were!  I think I need lycopene or something…

After a long night filled with cold sweat breakouts, husband made me a cinnamon raisin peanut butter toast with banana smiley face.  If that’s not love…

Another Mandy change:  I don’t want to eat the same thing twice.  I bounce from hummus to salsa to noodles to strawberries…although I do want that chicken ravioli again.  Soon.

In other news, I have no energy and my brain is mush.  I’m forgetting how to spell and walking makes me out of breath.  5 weeks, people.  Not 8 months…but I’m grateful!  So happy and blessed and trusting this crazy journey.

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