The Hunger

First of all, I cannot believe I cooked this:

Onions, garlic and bacon for collard greens and baked beans.  Hurl.

Ribs.  Hurl.

Baked beans.  Hurl.

Rigitoni with ricotta, basil and Italian sausage.  Woah.

Stir-fried veggies in hoisin sauce.

Seriously, cooking is completely an act of will at this point.  I have discovered, however, that the key to feeling almost human is to stuff my face.

Smoothies are my new best friend.  Mango and pineapple.

True story.  On our way to get me my first smoothie of the day, we pass by Amandine and I say “Omelet baguette.  Turn around.”  Husband parks, I go inside and to my dismay, they’re not serving the baguette until 10:30am (it’s 9:45am).  We go to Jamba and what’s next door?  Noah’s Bagels.  I say “bagels”, and we head inside.  Bagel egg sandwich.  So not Amandine (I will get that tomorrow) but it staved off my nausea for 4 whole hours!

For dinner, Mexican food.  I remembered to take a picture of my albondigas soup, but not my chicken burrito.  It tasted amazing, but I got full really fast and took most of it home.  It will most likely get consumed at 3am.

The lesson:  LISTEN TO MY BODY!  It seems the only way to keep the crippling nausea at bay is to eat A LOT.

I’ve been trolling the internet and reading things like “women don’t need to increase their caloric intake during the first trimester” and “many women gain no weight or even lose weight during the first trimester”.  I wanted to be the chick who still works out everyday and eats well balanced, small meals throughout the day.  And I know I shouldn’t be judging myself less one week into this incredible adventure, but there you go.

What I do know is that I don’t know how much food or exercise my body needs.  What it is so busy creating is beyond my ken and the best I can do is listen to what it’s telling me.  Watermelon?  Fabulous.  Del Taco fries with spicy ketchup?  Right on.  Walking and yoga for nine months?  Okey doke!

I think I’m getting hungry again…

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