This is not a post about food.  With the food, for today, I feel lost.  I thought I was on to something with the whole “eat a lot, feel better” thing, but today I’ve eaten plenty and still feel completely awful.

I am obsessing about work; whether or not I will be able to chef during my first trimester.  I wish I could let this go and either do it because it feels right (and it’s physically possible) or not do it without feeling guilty.  I think I need to process this in therapy.

I am SO grateful for my family.  I’ve been calling them multiple times daily to whine and rejoice and plan and just to hear them talk…

My sister already shipped a care package and my dad “sent” me some flowers today.  I love them so so so so so so so much!

These are my parent’s neighbor’s irises, which my mom cut and arranged, and my dad photographed.  He’s getting good!

So despite feeling barfy, I walked to my doctor’s office to get blood work done (to confirm), walked to the bank and to the grocery store.  I thought I was going to pass out, but I made it.

I walked because I can’t figure out how to drive my car.  Yeah.  Put that one in the book.  Husband did all the driving because I felt too sick and I thought I watched what he did, but obviously I’m missing something.  The walk was good, I am trying to continue to move my body even though it’s tough.  I also did 30 minutes of prenatal yoga, and for some reason it feels really good to be upside down.  Bowing my head makes me feel less nauseous.  Go figure.

I’m really hoping that either husband or my friend Marnie will be willing to bring me a Chinese chicken salad from California Chicken Cafe tonight.  It’s been my number one craving for the last 24 hours and I wasn’t up for a second walk today.  Fingers crossed!

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