Been So Long

Blogging makes me nauseous.  I’m not too worried because right now, pretty much everything makes me nauseous.  My poor, poor food blog.  I can’t even read food blogs, much less blog about food.  This WILL pass, I know.  But I kind of don’t know this girl.

What have I been up to?

The cravings continue.  This was a smoked turkey panini with artichoke spread from Panera.  Now it sounds disgusting but it was good at the time.

This is my husband, Death.  He and his writing partner had a short script selected as part of the Dances With Films festival in Hollywood.  They have the opportunity to shoot, edit, and complete their short film in 4 hours on Sunday.  The film gets screened on Monday.  We are so, so so excited, and husband is in full film mode.  I have not seen him this happy, and with the baby news, we are definitely experiencing some pink cloud moments.

Death is the main character of their short.

Death is fed up, apparently.

We went to this giant Halloween warehouse to find various odds and ends for the film:  bony feet, skulls, a sickle…

Right around the corner from the warehouse I spied a McDonald’s.  Game over.  I had to have a Happy Meal, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t eaten since I was 8.  The cheeseburger was nothing short of a revelation.  Everything in moderation…says the girl who woke her husband at 8am the next morning saying “cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger!”  Stupid McDonald’s doesn’t serve cheeseburgers until 10:30am!  So I had a small cone instead.  Oh bother.

My friend Claire came to town to stay with us for a few days and arrived with this gorgeous bouquet!  Is pink a sign…?  We’ll see.

She also took us to Tavern in Brentwood, and it was fantastic!  I hadn’t eaten that much in 3 weeks and although a tad full, I felt NO nausea and slept through the night without being awoken by hunger pangs and, well, nausea.  How many times am I going to type “nausea”.  Oye.

I enjoyed their turkey burger, herbed french fries, onion rings and an arugula salad.  In other weird pregnancy news, I ate NONE of the dessert Claire ordered, which was their “Snickers Bar”.  Why?  Sweet is too sweet these days for me, and I’m especially grossed out by chocolate.  Craayyyyzzzaaayyyy.

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