Alas, I Am Still Nauseous

16 weeks

I was really hoping to be one of those women who feels FABULOUS in her second trimester.  Instead, I think I’m having acid reflux, although it doesn’t burn, but it does make my body think it must rid itself of all its contents.  All the live long night.

I’m flying next week and am nervous because it’s an evening flight…any advice?  Luckily I’m on the aisle, and they do have those airsick bags for a reason…help.

I also sense my organs are on the move, which makes me tired and achy.  I should have known that this would be my experience; this is the girl who couldn’t take The Pill because it made her so sick.  Just a wee bit sensitive.

Mornings and early afternoons are still my best time, so I eat my face off then.  Today was all about hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and pita.  Now, it’s 6:20pm, I’m hungry but nothing sounds good.  Will probably have yogurt with a little granola, or maybe I’ll get a smoothie…mmmm mango.

I’ve been taking sunset walks, which also helps.  I think the nausea kicks off a nervous reaction (“oh shit, I’m gonna be barfing all night long!”) and the walking helps take my mind off obsessing about bodily functions.  So maybe I’ll take my granola bar on the road and listen to Adam Carolla complain about something.

In other news, I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow at the house.  How glamorous.  A friend recommended this stylist, and he’s way reasonable so I really hope it works out.  Just a trim anywho, so how bad could it be?

I’m also going to take a cue from my good friend Lisa Levine and whip up some homemade foccacia.  If I can muster the energy…will document!

4 comments on “Alas, I Am Still Nauseous

  1. There is nothing worse than being hungry and not knowing what to eat to satisfy that hunger… ok maybe feeling nauseous is worse. Ginger tea and red raspberry tea helped my sister when she was feeling ill during pregnancy…. I’ve also heard aromatherapy (lavender or chamomile) works – that could be easy to bring on the plane… even though your neighbors will wonder why you are snorting a brown paper bag of herbs lol!! Let me know how the foccacia came out! xoxo

  2. Hey Mandy!! Thanks so much for introducing yourself and stopping by my blog!! I love connecting with other pregnant women!! 🙂 I felt really nauseous until about 13-14 weeks, but then one day *poof* it was all gone. I really hope that happens for you soon. Being sick is no fun at all. 😦 Your belly is super cute!! 🙂

  3. Nausea lasted almost 20 weeks with Daniel-but then that left the other half of the pregnancy to feel great. I really didn’t drag again until the week he was due. Love your tummy with the freckle. See if something as simple as Tums works if its heartburn.

    • From your lips…thanks, Vicki! The last couple days have been markedly better, so I think the moral of the story is to stay in the moment, and stay positive! xoxo

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