26 Weeks

Been back from babymoon for almost one week.  Catered two parties and had a full client cook day.  Ate a small cheese pizza, went to see my amazing midwives, and husband’s full-time job remains illusive.  I have not been bored.

I still feel great, although the day after the reception for 50, I kind of felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  The combination of being on my feet for many hours, not drinking enough water and stuffing myself with “broken” appetizers left me feeling like I’d had a bender without any funny stories.

I’m getting used to insomnia and heartburn and honestly, they don’t bother me much.  I’m very lucky not to have a “regular” job so I can work around these minor inconveniences with relative ease.  Apple cider vinegar is helping with the heartburn and the insomnia just is…figure it’s preparing me for the staggered sleep I’m sure to have once my little guy is “on the outside.”

In other news, I hate taking prenatal vitamins.  I’ve never been a good pill popper and although I feel guilty, it is a battle to get me to ingest the little buggers.  I feel like they make me sick and they make the heartburn that much worse.  My midwives explained to me that the baby’s not the one who will suffer, it’s me.  The baby will take the nutrients it needs and I’ll end up with osteoporosis at 60.  Cool.  My next plan of attack is chewable vitamins from Whole Foods.  If it tastes like candy, I’ll eat it, heartburn or not.

At my check-up today, the babe moved all around for the midwife’s apprentice and I got to hear his precious heartbeat once again.  Strong boy!  Going to the midwife’s office is like going to see your best girlfriend.  The difference in care between that and the “doctor” is staggering to me.

I got blood drawn for the glucose screening and I’m hoping for the best (no false positives and no diabetes).  It was scary to take a test after my last testing journey, but after expressing my fears and feeling heard by the practitioners, I felt comfortable.  I’ve also decided to learn hypnobirthing techniques from a hypnotherapist on staff.  And I think I’m getting my placenta capsulized so I can replenish my hormones (also helps with postpartum depression-just in case).  Just call me Mandy “Hippie Rainbow” Unruh.  Who is this chick?  I kind of dig her.

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