28 weeks is just around the corner…

Dad reading "Poky Little Puppy" to our poky little puppy.

When people ask how I feel, I say “great!” and I mean it, but it’s kinda funny that I say that amidst rib pain, an achy back, restless leg syndrome, Charlie horses, insomnia and heartburn.  I guess I’d take all that over feeling nauseous and tired, and the balance of having a healthy, active baby growing in my belly makes the minor discomforts just that…minor.

I’ve been thinking about when I’ll stop working, and I actually have no idea.  I’m just going to keep on keeping on until my body says stop.

We have no nursery.  I’ve been perusing mommy blogs and have many a friend who just had a baby or is about to and they have these complete, decorated rooms.  We have an office/guest room and a vague idea of what to do with it.  Our mission involves selling a desk, selling a filing cabinet, buying a desk, buying a filing cabinet (we’ll be taking the “office” out of the office and moving it to our bedroom).  Then, we need to buy a crib, changing table, dresser, and glider.  Will it get done?  Who knows.  I do know we’ll have diapers, wipes, boobs and a co-sleeper so…time will tell.

In other news, people love to make the following thoughtless comments:

“Wow, you have 3 more months to go?  You’re gonna get huge!”

“You are NOT 7 months pregnant, you’re tiny!”

“You know exercising too much will make you have a difficult labor.”

“How much weight have you gained?”

Listen y’all, you wouldn’t typically say these things to ANY woman, right?  So why do you think it’s okay to say these things to a woman with 3 times the normal amount of hormones?! I cry while watching soccer with husband when someone scores a goal because I think of how proud his mother must be.  All you should say to a pregnant woman is “You look fantastic! How are you feeling?”  Done.  The only people I need to listen to about my body shape or how I’m treating my body are my midwives, who say that I, and the baby, are measuring perfectly.  So there.

We’ve been having lots of cloudy days which I LOVE.  I find overcast weather incredibly inspiring. It makes me work better, cook more, listen to more music, light candles…I actually feel sad when the sun comes out.  What does that say about me, other than I’m crazy to live in California?  I know I know, I still can’t believe I live here.

Today Austin is coming over after having 4 teeth pulled (making room-big teeth, little jaw-just like me).  I’m going to feed him smoothies and sweet corn cake a la El Torito.  We’re going to watch Seven.

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