There’s a baby in there.  Notice my red and white outfit and the wreath behind me.  Yup, all decorated for Christmas, on November 6th.  And we got a new rug.  We also got a rug for the baby’s room, which we are currently trying to clear of office furniture.  At least it’s already painted blue!  And has a very comfy queen-size futon for me to doze on during night feedings.

I have had four friends give birth in the last couple of weeks.  I remember finding out they were pregnant and thinking, when they have their babies, I won’t be far behind.  And it appears that I, indeed, am not far behind.  Gulp.

How am I feeling at 30 weeks?  Pretty good.  Aches and pains sometimes.  Nauseated sometimes.  I get full, fast, and my tummy is unpredictable as I’m convinced my son’s hobby is reorganizing my organs.  He’s like, “Don’t worry mom, there’s plenty of room in here!  I’ll just move your spleen over here, and your kidneys over there and, you don’t really need your stomach, right?”

Restless leg is still by far the most annoying, and for a few days I thought it was due to a calcium deficiency.  I started taking a supplement on top of the prenatal vitamin and had no symptoms for three whole days!  Then it came back.  Oh bother.

I’m going to the midwife tomorrow and I’m hoping she can tell me what position he’s in.  I feel like his head is down…we’ll see.

Here’s some goodies I’ve been enjoying of late.  I love eating for two.  He kicks when I’m done eating, thanking me for yet another tasty meal.

Slow cooked broccoli.  You basically take a mess of sliced onion, sliced garlic, a couple chilis, olive oil and salt and let it cook, cook, cook until caramelized and slightly disintegrated.  In a good way.  This was one of my fellow lady chef’s recipes.  Krista is a genius.  Her favorite thing to do with this broccoli is to scramble eggs, put said eggs on toast, top with broccoli and feta.  That’s a sexy breakfast.

Bohemian Wedding Cake.  Got the recipes here.  The frosting is crack.  I ate two huge pieces, shared with friends and had to give the rest away, quickly.  I’m trying to find any excuse to make that frosting again.

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