No Man’s Land

Side lying. All the time.

I’m not sure why this post is titled “No Man’s Land” except that that’s the title that has been in my head for the last 24 hours. Any ideas? Yeah, me neither.

Cool stuff. Baby’s still inside, moving like crazy (feels like he’s a bit lower or something, and I need to remember to ask what the hard thing is on my right side if he’s on my left side-darn pregnancy brain), husband got a gig, and our birth hypnotherapist has offered to attend our birth, because she loves us. SO excited/relieved/humbled by this. She has amazing “mom” energy and because my own mama can’t be there, I’m just so happy to have her witness and support our birth.

Hard/dumb stuff. Because husband will be working solid for the next few days, I’m kind of on my own to prep the house for guests coming next Wednesday, and being big and tired with an “irritable uterus” makes this undertaking seem like climbing a slippery mountain in stilettos. Today I’m going to try to figure out how to make 30 boxes and a sea of baby stuff look elegant in a tiny room that currently functions as the office/guest room/future baby’s room.

I also ate a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, 4 hours after having consuming a small mushroom pizza for dinner, and did not even exercise. Trying not to demonize this but it is mighty hard not to “feel fat” when you have a giant belly and can’t see your feet, and climbing the stairs is cardio. Oh, well. Moving on, right? The good news is, I didn’t feel sick at all, nor did I feel stuffed, so maybe baby just needed a little (lot) extra yesterday. Think my job is to stay out of the way…

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