Officially Uncomfortable

What I made for early "Christmas" dinner: pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and mushroom stuffing.

Just about 37 weeks.  Christmas was short on presents (like, non-existent) and long on drama (pleading the fifth).  I was so so sick on Christmas Day (bad stomach ache and, um, other symptoms) we stayed in bed, played gin rummy and watched cartoons all day.  Yesterday I woke up feeling a bit better (stomach no longer felt like it was going to explode) but was still achy, nauseous, tired and crampy.  I managed to do some light exercise, go to the hardware store for home birth supplies and do a bit of car shopping with husband.  And scrounge up some dinner (a melange of leftovers).

We also got busy nesting, which today meant file organization and I think I may have finally sold our desk! This means Ian’s/Austin’s room will not also be an office.  Very exciting.

Now I’m awake at 2am with heartburn and good old restless leg.  Despite how this may sound, I’m really not complaining.  I totally get that part of Mother Nature’s plan is to make mama good and ready to squeeze this baby out when the time is right.  I’ve been so blissed out for the majority of this pregnancy, I was starting to grieve it being over.  Now…well, I’m taking it a moment at a time but I will say the fear of birthing has subsided quite a bit, especially when I can scarcely pick up a piece of paper off the ground or take a deep breath after consuming a moderate meal.  All good things must come to an end, yes?

This week is all about finishing home birth prep and stockpiling blog posts for my client for 2011. And cooking for husband. And perhaps stocking the freezer with some post birth meals. And I may get a pedicure…

One comment on “Officially Uncomfortable

  1. You are in the perfect head space. So excited to meet Ian soon! For now, I’ll see you, Evan and Austin NYE. xoxo

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