Labor: The First 24 Hours

Water broke at about 5:19am on December 30.  I woke up, thinking I had to pee (again), stretched my arms and legs (Ian simultaneously stretched his legs), stood up, and GUSH.  I tried to hold it in as I sped walked to the bathroom, to no avail.  Water works.  Fluid was sweet-smelling and clear, just what you want in this circumstance.

Absolutely no contractions.

I spent the day lounging with husband, who was madly trying to finish a work project and had to leave the house twice (but he was one mile away).  Contractions came anywhere between 12-30 minutes apart and were no big deal.  I ate cookies and hot dogs and yogurt with cereal.

The most exciting part of day one was the arrival of our hypnotherapist, Luree Nicholson.  She came to hypnotize me in order to jump-start contractions, and boy did that work!  I had my strongest contraction upon standing right after she was done.  She then had me walk our stairs for about 10 minutes and then did another mini session to clear my head of some labor doubts I was having.

We also decided to lay me on my right side for a little while to encourage Ian to move a bit more “front and center”.  Apparently, all your organs are on your right side and I think something got pinched or squished or something because I experienced the worst, most shocking pain down the right side of my back.   I couldn’t get my breath.  I thought I was going to hurl.  I immediately called husband and told him NOT to bring dinner home because I was not up to smelling any food.  Luckily, there has not been a repeat performance of that.

I dozed from about 9:30-11pm and now I’m downstairs, on the rug, with the exercise ball, rocking and saying “haaaaaaaa” a lot.  I notice that contractions come quicker when I’m not stationary, so I’m trying to move while staying relaxed, sort of semi-resting.

Because my water broke, I am at a higher risk of infection, so I’m taking vitamin C, Echinacea, garlic, and acidophilus twice a day.  I’m also staying super hydrated and as long as I don’t start running a fever, and baby keeps moving, we’re good.

In the last hour or so, my contractions have gone from 10 minutes apart to around 5! I have a feeling we’re gonna have a baby today.

Part Two

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