I can worry about money.  I can worry about what will happen to my body when it doesn’t get to exercise for six weeks.  I can worry about getting enough sleep or getting the baby’s room done or putting away the Christmas decorations before my parents come into town or whether the brownie I ate will upset Ian’s tummy.

What I choose to do:

  • Marvel at his tiny, soft feet
  • Kiss his lips
  • Dance to Michael Jackson with Ian in the Moby, practicing our rhythm
  • Looking out the window at the courtyard
  • Massaging his back while he feeds
  • Nap in the middle of the day when the laundry needs folding
  • Watch documentaries at 3am while my fussy baby decides not to latch on for unknown reasons
  • Blog!

I will never get this time back.  He will never be this little again.  Experiencing a miracle makes worrying about all the things I can’t control seem a little (lot) asinine.

3 comments on “Simplicity

  1. So glad you are living in the moment and chosing to feel the joy and relax. It is a great stress reliever.
    Much love, Dad

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