Sometimes It’s Just So Hard…

Screaming and Swinging


I’ve never had less to do, and been so overwhelmed.

I’ve never watched more TV, or worked out less.

I’ve never loved anyone so much, and feared them even more.

I’ve never known something so absolutely, yet been totally confused.

I’ve never craved sugar so much.

6 comments on “Sometimes It’s Just So Hard…

  1. You will definitely see a transition once you pass the 8 – 10 week mark. For me, that’s when I *finally* felt like I knew what I was doing, and I started noticing Lucy smiling and generally being more pleasant. The sugar cravings are crazy, though – I guess it’s a side effect of breastfeeding. Anyway, hang in there! We still have bad periods around here, but overall, things are so much better. They will be for you, too.

  2. Ah, its a trip is mother hood.
    nicely put by the way.
    sugar cravings = need to nourish yourself with calorie rich food and protein! I was famished around the time my milk came in as well, it all settles eventually!
    enjoy the bliss!

  3. Yes, I did the sugar thing too. People are still confused as to whether or not I have sugar in my tea and coffee. Long days and short years, this parenting gig…enjoy.

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