Overnight Oats for More Milkage

Not that my milk is waning, it is not, but I’m paranoid, and I figured it can’t hurt to up my oat intake, as oats are highly regarded milk producers.  Husband kindly went to the store and bought me a big canister of steel cut oats (any oat will do).  Here is the recipe, and take note, I am NOT an oatmeal girl.  It’s a texture thing.  No likey, but I LOVE overnight oats.  Cold, creamy, nutty…add your favorite flavors, or just enjoy straight up.  You will be a relaxed milk maid, like me.  Hee hee.

Overnight Oats (really just takes a few hours, but A Few Hours Oats is much less catchy)

1/2 cup dry, uncooked oats

1 cup milk of choice (I used unsweetened Almond Milk)

1/2 dropper liquid vanilla stevia (again, you can use any sweetener you’d like)

Add milk to oats, add stevia and stir.  Refrigerate a few hours or overnight.  I added 1 cup of Crunchy Raisin Bran to mine, but yogurt, granola, fruit, almonds, pumpkin, cinnamon…all delicious.  You can do no wrong here.

5 comments on “Overnight Oats for More Milkage

  1. Don’t be paranoid, girl. You’ve got this. Look at what you’ve done so far! I was told that one of the best things to do to keep up your supply is to NOT WORRY. Your body knows exactly what to do. Find a positive mantra to use when those worry thoughts start creeping in. 😉

  2. I am going to give the overnight oats a try. I too am not a fan of oatmeal but your recipe sounds yummy. Also, incase you’re interested, my naturopathic dr friend gave me the following suggestions to increase milk supply…. (i was wanting to pump and freeze some so I could take a yoga class or something on the weekend)

    I would recommend the ‘mothers milk tea’ by traditional medicinals from whole foods. you need to drink about 5 cups a day and it doesn’t taste that great but you can add honey. also dark beer, oatmeal, getting enough sleep, water and food. really the most important is nursing him often, switching sides (so that he nurses on both sides 2x in a sitting) and pumping after each nursing session. while this kinda sucks it works really well to increase supply. after 2-3 days you should be overflowing with milk.

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