Stage Five Clinger


If you ever wanna know where I am or what I'm doing, here's your answer...


We are happy when we are nursing.  We are happy for maybe 30 minutes after feeding, then it’s all about vamping until the next feed.  We do not like the swing, the bouncy seat, the boppy, or the bed (well, maybe we like it, for five minutes).  We like to be on mom and dad, bouncing, patting, shushing, singing, walking…these are the choices.

We LOVE staring at the headboard, and eating our hands (that includes Ian’s, mom’s and dad’s hands).  We also prefer sitting up and holding our head up for as long as possible.

We do sleep very well at night, thanks to the double swaddle, and sometimes we even start in the co-sleeper.  We always wind up next to mama in bed, though.  I think we are starting to take in this whole big world and just need that familiar smell, sound, and touch of mom and dad.

We are five and a half weeks.  How long does clingy last?  Not that mama’s complaining…much.

5 comments on “Stage Five Clinger

  1. For us, clingy lasted until around 10 weeks. Lucy also did not like the swing, bouncy seat, stroller, play mat or anything other than being held or carried in the Ergo. It will improve!

    • Wow, thanks Beth! It’s so funny how yesterday seemed so unmanageable and today I’m fine! He hasn’t changed, so I guess I have. I find whenever he changes attitudes, I freak out at first, then I adjust. There is nothing “wrong” and I’m so blessed that Ian is my full-time “job” right now…so who cares if he’s a little koala bear? xo

  2. I’m not a mama, but I would suggest enjoying this stage as much as possible. One day he’s gonna be running around and you’ll be asking him for hugs!

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