Magical Morning


I'm just sitting here with my giraffe. Happy for no reason.



Well…the magic actually started last night.  We did the usual nighttime ritual at 8pm: Change, double swaddle, feed.  Some nights, the ritual looks like this:  Change, double swaddle, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed…

But last night, he went down after JUST ONE FEED!  I went to bed at 9pm and slept until 2:20am.  He fed, went right back to sleep, and woke at 6am, calm and happy.  I de-swaddled, changed, fed, and then left him in bed and went into the “crash room” (home of the futon; this is where whichever adult who is not on baby duty falls into a deep coma) to snuggle with husband.  I left both doors open so I could hear Ian.

He cooed and played BY HIMSELF for an hour.  Woah.  Then, I put him in the swing, WHICH HE HAS PREVIOUSLY DESPISED, and he smiled gleefully at the plastic side of the swing (instead of the mobile-whatever floats his boat) until he fell asleep.  Seriously.

We next put him in the Ergo carrier and went for a walk/jog, after which I fed him, plopped him in the bath with dad, put on a snazzy new outfit (thank you, Cindie!) and then put him BACK IN THE SWING so I could…SHOWER!

Now he’s back in Ergo LAUGHING IN HIS SLEEP.  Did I accidentally eat a pot brownie and transmit some good stuff through my milk?

I can scarcely believe it.  I know I shouldn’t get attached to it.  Nonetheless, I am marveling at my happy, happy boy.  For today.



2 comments on “Magical Morning

  1. you’re probably entering that great transition where all of a sudden, the fussiness is (mostly) gone and they’re just so pleasant, cute and sociable. Lucy has been that way since around the 10 or 11 week mark. it’s heaven. and, he is a total cutie!

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