My Real Breast Friend


It’s not the Boppy. Or My Brest Friend. Or the Luna Lullaby. Or Kushies. I’ve found a stack of pillows worked better for me than any of these. What I love, and had no idea existed until I became a mom, are Bamboobies Organic Bamboo washable Nursing Pads. Oh yes.

For some reason, leaking boobs did not occur to me really. I knew it happened to some women, but in the same way I was convinced I would have a hard time getting pregnant (conceived on the first “play” date), I thought I would have a low milk supply (I leak all over everything if I go more than 4 hours between feedings).

I’d never even heard of washable nursing pads, so I was wearing these bulky disposable pads that made me feel like I had maxi pads on my boobs (and when you’re already rocking the Overnights, your teeth aren’t brushed and your skin is flapping in the breeze, adding more bulk anywhere is not desirable).

At my first mom’s group, I was privy to this new information, and promptly ordered these cute little heart nursing pads.  They are soft and smooth and dare I say, make me feel the tiniest bit cute (we’re not going for sexy yet). And I’m not destroying the environment by throwing away those stupid maxi pads for boobs (don’t worry-I’m doing my fair share with disposable diapers). These are what I’m buying for every mom-to-be in my life! Amen.

4 comments on “My Real Breast Friend

  1. please please please..start linking your blogs to other sites!!! You really should get paid for your wisdom, wit and honesty….You got this motherhood stuff in the bag..You are spot on and very funny too!

  2. Wow – what a great review! We’re happy you feel the ‘tiniest bit cute’ and glad you love Bamboobies! Thanks for the great writeup!!! Thanks for all your support!

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