Playing All By Myself

Don't I look Irish? I guess I kind of am. Just hanging on mom and dad's bed, talking to myself.
Frog feet. Mom can't decide if this is cute or future blackmail material.
I've been here for the last hour. One full hour. Mom didn't know what to do with herself, so she ate a dozen vegan cookies. Think she's gonna take me on a five-mile walk later.
Remember when I hated this thing? I was such a baby.
Now I'm watching Guy's Big Bite in my bouncy seat. I'm so low maintenance.

8 comments on “Playing All By Myself

  1. Haha – this post had me cracking up. Too cute. We just ordered that same frog sleeper from Amazon, an it arrived today!

    So grateful for our bouncy seat…and don’t even get me started on the swing. Best invention ever. 😉

  2. We got the frog outfit as a baby shower gift, and I love putting him in it (as well as the other outfits with animal feet) and plaing with his toes ❤ Baby has taken over FB for me, and he's so cute that I wish I had a blog to devote to him lol. He was 4mo last Wednesday. Your LO is adorable and I'm glad I popped over from BWF to see your birth story and blog 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Suzi! The frog outfit was a gift for us, too. Actually about 98% of his clothes were gifts…Congrats on your LO. I know 4 mos will creep up on me! xo

  3. Could you share where you got the activity mat and bouncer seat? I’ve been looking all over for one I like and haven’t seen any that looked promising til now!

    Also, your sheets are awesome. We are irish too – could you share the store where you purchased that as well?



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