Birth Doula Training Day One

Studying his owl intently after 8 hours away from home (longest adventure ever). Ian, you amaze me.

Baby is ten weeks old today. Beyond belief. It is also beyond belief that I also started Birth Doula training at The Sanctuary today. And I took my son with me! If you would have told me I would be confident enough as a mom to take my baby to an all day workshop I would have asked what you were smoking. And probably asked for a hit (jk).

It certainly helps that The Sanctuary is one of the safest spaces on the planet, but I’m still giving myself a few brave mama points.

The day went great. I really like both of the instructors and my fellow doulas-in-training.  It reminded me of when I first moved to LA to be an actress (that is just too funny), and I met fellow film obsessed folk who loved to sit around discussing movies for hours on end. For me, movies have turned into motherhood and I love nothing more than talking babies and birthing with people who share my passion.  Although I have no idea how I will actually be a birth doula with an infant, I want to try! And also know that I’m training for the future, wherever that takes me…I also clearly enjoy changing careers every five minutes (hello masseuse cookie lady personal chef writer mama doula-nice to meet ya). Yes, I consider motherhood a career. The pay sucks, but it’s got great benefits.

2 comments on “Birth Doula Training Day One

  1. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to get paid in happy smiles and drool and sweet lovin … unfortunately these don’t pay the bills. So proud of you! xoxo

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