Mastitis & Friends

Ian reading in bed with mama, who is too sore to pick him up.
Best friend Samantha came over with her one year old, Charlie, to let me try massaging my breasts in a hot shower. She's had mastitis 4 times.
Boys play while mamas confirm the dreaded mastitis. Mandy's waiting for the lactation consultant to text her back.
Thank you for bouncing me, Charlie!

I got some red hot streaky boobs. Lovely. Lesson: Pump when engorged in the middle of the night. Even if this makes more milk, I’d rather have that than an infection. Pardon me while I put a heat pack on my bosoms and wait for my prescription to be ready.

In other news, I called my gyno and she told me to contact my midwife. Is that weird to anyone else? She asked if I had a vaginal birth and I said yes, I had him at home, and she said “Well, you got what you wanted.” I am SO f***ing sick of doctors treating me like I went into the woods with a towel and a stick to bite down on to birth my baby. I’m NOT crazy or crunchy or anti-medicine. I’m EDUCATED and I knew that going to a place full of sick people was not where I wanted to go as a healthy pregnant woman delivering a healthy baby.  I respect an OB’s role and I wish they would respect a midwife’s.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

7 comments on “Mastitis & Friends

  1. How rude! I can’t believe your Dr. talked to you that way! WHy did this happen? Because your baby didn’t nurse at night? My little guy is sleeping pretty solid through the night so I’m not nursing him as much at night. Just wondering so I it doesn’t happen to me.

    • He started sleeping thru his 2am feed. I got super engorged and decided not to pump. Guess I was engorged for too long, got clogged ducts, which leads to mastitis (basically it’s like having a fever in your breast). No fun. Erin had it, too…

  2. Mandy, I so sympathize with you! I had mastitis several times, in fact, I ended up losing a breast because of it! Very painful!!! Hope boobs are getting better!!!! Love you and kiss that baby for me!!

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