Hank & JoJo Kneesocks

Finally! Baby socks that don’t suck.  I personally cannot stand those socks that are supposed to look like shoes…ugh, not flattering.  We must elongate the baby leg while highlighting the chub.

Thanks, Grandma for the Hank & JoJo baby tube socks! Now we can wear proper outfits (like onesies with knee socks) instead of pajamas all the time. We’ll only wear pajamas 95% of the time now.

My very first lunchbox! It's filled with socks since I can't have solids yet.
Knee socks just like my mom wears!
It's not easy being fashionable. Or green. Watch out, Kermit.

2 comments on “Hank & JoJo Kneesocks

  1. Ian is just so cute…what a handsome little man he is! Thank goodness, he doesn’t have frog legs 🙂

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