Blobby Kind Of Week

Baby Blob

As many of you know, mama’s mastitis returned.  Came back on Sunday as my dears Tiffany and Katie were leaving.  I suddenly felt lightening bolts in my right breast and the moment they left, I pulled up my shirt in front of the mirror and lo and behold:  Red Polka Dot Boob.  This was AFTER a week of antibiotics, which I was still taking.  Scared.

Called the best lactation consultant in the world, Kim Durdin, and the first thing she said was, “Did you rest?”  Damn.  I did, for one day.  I did, until I started the antibiotics and figured that would take care of it.

I’m not good at resting, so my body hooked me up by not only having the mastitis recur, but also giving me a cold.  This is the third day of bed rest and I feel like a giant lactating marshmallow.  I have cabbage in my bra, I’m compressing into a towel, and burping garlic tablets.  Who wants me?

How is Ian faring?  He’s amazing.  Sleeping a ton, being a happy smiley boy, and nursing on demand.  Thanks, buddy.  In fact, a larger lesson in this for me is it seems this baby boy does not need as much stimulation as I thought.  I was taking him out everyday for walks or play dates or shopping trips, fearing he would get “bored.”  He seems more content just hanging at home, talking away to mom and dad while he kicks his feet and flaps his arms.  He’s teaching me how to just be, and I have a lot to learn.

I will leave you with some pics of Ian loving on Katie.  Oh my heart.

Bald Spot
The Slow Wiggle
Now I'm Comfy
The best way to spend a rainy Sunday...


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