Projecting Sue

Yeah? Me, too.

That’s my name.  I like to project into the future in order to make myself (and my husband) miserable.  What is Sue up to today? She’s obsessing about her baby’s sleep habits:

  • Why does he want to fall asleep at 6pm, but is wide awake at 7:30pm?
  • Will he sleep through the night un-swaddled?
  • Will he EVER take a nap NOT in the swing?
  • Is there a swing I can buy to use until he’s 3 (don’t say “a hammock”!)?

Now Sue has to wake up her baby because it’s been 2 hours, and you shouldn’t let a baby sleep for more than 2 hours, right?  Even though he’s sound asleep and I would like nothing more than to have to figure out what to do with him…I think we need to get out of the house. Sue’s grumpy.

3 comments on “Projecting Sue

  1. are we really not supposed to let them sleep for more than 2 hours? i’m always eating up any sleep time i get!

  2. He can have his schedule or your schedule. Since he is too young yet to vote, I suggest he adapt to your schedule. If you are consistent and predictable, he will adjust. This I truly believe.

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