Teething or Something

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He likes the Bumbo. For about 3 minutes.

Ian is acting different.  He has new noises.  He sucks his hands A LOT.  He can be laughing one second, crying the next, then laughing again.  Last night he was sound asleep after nursing, woke up screaming ten minutes later, and dad had to rock him to sleep (no additional bottle required).

Teething?  Perhaps.  I’ve tried Humphrey’s teething tablets and a teething ring.  He doesn’t seem to care about either one.  My aunt thought it could be his ears, and we happened to be visiting the pediatrician tomorrow so we’ll have that checked.  Husband suggested it could be gas due to my nut consumption, but he’s not displaying any gas pain symptoms and eating nuts is one of life’s only pleasures right now, so he can bite me (I will try not eating them for a few days just to prove that I’m not a total addict-grrrr).

My gut says it’s just neurological development and that I need to quit trying to figure it out.

In other news, I feel fat because I only went for a walk today, and it wasn’t even a fast walk.  I did, however, discuss pediatricians, taxes, bill paying, house buying, and various parent anxieties with husband, so I feel like my soul got a workout.  Also, I’m still recovering from mastitis, a cold, and a crappy night’s sleep due to my milky boobies and not-very-hungry child.  I ended up having to pump at 5am after several rounds of hand expressing because I kept getting engorged.  The best way to give yourself dreadlocks? Hand express breast milk into the sink while managing to spray most of it in your hair. Stick-eeee.


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