The Calm After The Storm

Whew. Ian’s 12th week was a doozey. It seemed the moment he turned three months he greeted life with a big, fat “Waaaaayhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He didn’t like the swing, the gym, the bouncy seat, or the damn Bob stroller we just bought. Even the fool-proof walks in the Ergo left us with a red, screamy baby.

To add injury to insult, he also got his first shots. We saw a new pediatrician, Dr. Tyler Krohn, and I feel he is the perfect fit for us. He spent a full hour discussing Ian and, most importantly, immunizations, which we were VERY hesitant about. I felt it was the right decision for our family to vaccinate, but I wanted to understand exactly what each one was, what the risks were, what the benefits were, and I wanted a doctor who would respect our choice to either give Ian the vaccination or not. He was patient, kind, and largely objective. So we got started on the vaccinations we felt strongly about, and bypassed some of the others.

I know this is a taboo subject, and that friendships between parents have ended over this issue. All I want to say is that I know parents who I love and respect who have chosen to vaccinate, and I also I have parents in my life who have given their child every vaccination, and I love and respect them equally. In my opinion, the only “right” decision is what feels best for an individual family. I do not presume to know what is best for anyone else…

Between the 3-month crankies (I believe largely due to neurological “surges” since my son is obviously a genius), and the shots, we’ve had more crying in the last week than in his whole little life. HOWEVER, last night he passed out at 8pm, woke at 3am to feed, and slept until 7am. And now we are Happy Boy once again. For the final test, we’re taking out the Bob for a stroll today…

I’ll leave you with Ian chilling in his lamb after his evening bath. Let’s count the rolls!

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