Tales of Swingless Napping

Grandpa got us started on the right foot. But after days of only a few 20-30 minute naps, and an increasingly cranky Ian, I decided to do a loose swaddle, nurse, and then put him in the co-sleeper. The result? Two hours and counting, baby!

Yes, the swaddle is still a crutch I suppose, but at least I can take a swaddle with me…the swing ain’t gonna go to Michigan with me, and they don’t make swings for toddlers (do they?). I just hope Ian’s wife won’t have to swaddle him in a queen-size sheet before he goes to bed…

My big brother, Austin, comforting me.
I'm still not gonna fall asleep.
My first daytime swaddle.
Happy Nappy Easter Boy.

Also, I just have to share the following:

Ian was conceived on 4/23/10 (we know this because I kept track of our “play” dates-there was only two, and based on size of the embryo, docs confirmed the first “play” date)

Ian was born at 4:23am

I went to the grocery store today and my total was $4.23

I should be betting or buying a lotto ticket or something, right?

4 comments on “Tales of Swingless Napping

  1. Definitely buy a lotto ticket! Also, when we were training Lucy to nap (I hate that term but it’s true!) we did lots of daytime swaddles. It worked for her and Ian will let you know when he doesn’t need them anymore. Now, she wears a sleep sack for naps and goes down awake.

    • That is SO good to hear, Beth, thank you! I was sitting there, all frustrated, when suddenly the swaddle occurred to me. Hooray! I agree that “training” is not super fun, but I’m so grateful we don’t have to do it at night…I’ll take nap training! xo

  2. Great pictures of the brothers. Imagination is the mother of invention! Don’t think that is original. Love and much love!

  3. […] LOVE your birth story (and your blog). we determine totally with a “no mess” home birth. We had a baby child during 4:23am and during 8am it looked like zero happened. Pool, hose, apparatus gone. Towels cleared and dried. Mom, dad, and baby tucked in bed with breakfast. Thanks to midwives and those who support midwives, healthCARE IS possible! Much adore to we and your family.Mandy´s final blog ..Tales of Swingless Napping […]

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