Cinnamon Toast


I had a free moment. The babe is watching me patiently from his swing as I eat a peanut butter Complete Cookie and read The Pioneer Woman.  She’s talking about cinnamon toast, and the correct way to make it.

I found out the way I made my cinnamon toast as a child was the wrong way, but I was eight and what did I know about broilers? Nothing.

Here is how I made my cinnamon toast:

Take four (yes, four) slices of Pepperidge Farm white bread.  I’m a big eater.

Insert slices into our trusty toaster oven (we were a toaster oven family, not a toaster family).

Get the Country Crock out of the fridge, and the cinnamon sugar which lived in an old cinnamon sugar spice container that we kept refilling (and sometimes you would have too much cinnamon, and sometimes you would have not enough cinnamon, and sometimes it would be just right).

Take top off of Country Crock and cinnamon sugar jar.

Get plate and knife ready.

Pray that time would move faster.


Quickly remove slices of toast and stack them one on top of the other (to conserve heat). Slather top slice with CC and immediately place it under the other slices (again, to conserve heat and to maximize butter meltiness).  Repeat with next three slices until you have the original buttered slice back on top.

DROWN the first slice in cinnamon sugar, tapping off the excess onto the next slice, and continue the tuck under slice method to conserve heat.

Now it’s time to eat, but wait! There is a method here as well:

First, eat the crust off all four slices.  This is the least interesting part.

Next, examine each slice to determine which has the most buttery sugary goodness, and which has the least (is there a super soaked part where the bread is ready to fall apart?  Is there a too toasted part that barely has any Crock on it? This is important). Eat your toast middles in order of least drenched to most drenched.

Finished.  Contemplate making more.

If you’re ready to make cinnamon toast the right way, let The Pioneer Woman steer you straight.  I, on other hand, am gonna go buy a toaster oven.

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