SURVEY: What Was Your Kid Food Life Like?

As Ian starts to teethe, I’ve been thinking about what/how/when to feed him.  Baby Led Weaning is interesting, and seems pretty natural to me, although I’m worried about choking, as I’m sure all new moms are. I have a feeling once he starts trying foods that are not pureed to death or cut smaller than the size of a pea and doesn’t die, I’ll relax a bit…it’s all a process, yes?

Because I am a Projecting Sue, I’m already thinking about what Ian will eat as a boy, compared to what I ate when I was young and vital.  I decided to create the following survey, and I would love to hear about your kid food life!


2 comments on “SURVEY: What Was Your Kid Food Life Like?

  1. grits, eggs, grandma molasses, bisquits/lard shortening, collard greens and fatback. food got better later but that was kid food.

  2. i was raised mormon. do i need to go on?
    casseroles. casseroles. casseroles. no salt in our food and cooking was with MARGARINE!!! we just loved I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Oh, and when Fabio was the spokesman it did us all in. We just loved it.
    my grandmother is german and her cooking and canning of foods was varied and delicious, so i wasn’t all that deprived.
    we grew up on miracle whip. i now eat mayo.
    the end…

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