Outings Galore

Sporting Aunt Cindie's hat with my polkadot jammies. Heading to couple's therapy with the 'rents.
I'm gonna need therapy after wearing this outfit. I look like a genderless gumball machine.
Today, I went to the movies for the first time. Pirates Of The Carribean, part whatever.
I paid attention to the movie way longer than mom anticipated. I am my dad's son.
Then I had a snack and fell asleep on mom. We're totally going back to Mommy Monday Morning Movies! Success.

In the last four days, Ian has been to two meetings, one therapy session, out to Thousand Oaks and back, Whole Foods, a Toyota dealership, a movie theatre, and two Trader Joe’s.  He seems to really enjoy new faces and being out in the world.

After all the excitement, it was time to wind down with dad this evening. Not.

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