Date Night

We went to Enzo & Angela last night. This was our most successful post-baby date night. We actually had energy to chew our food and make conversation and everything. Today we are fighting because I shushed him when Ian and I walked in the door (Ian was asleep for the first time all day at 3pm and I wanted him to take a nap because he was overtired and apparently my shushing tone was “sharp” so fucking sue me). I have a pouty husband at the moment. Bite me.

This was my dinner. This is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, I’m not kidding.  House made ravioli stuffed with black truffles and parmesan cheese, topped with more truffles and parm, butter, oil, and garlic. You devour the pasta, then sop up all the sauce with their house made bread. You must try this.

Husband’s osso bucco. Also amazing.  All their food is beautifully prepared and obviously made with love. And they are really Italian, and they talk your ear off.

Steamed veggies for good measure.  As soon as husband is speaking to me again we’ll schedule our next date night.

3 comments on “Date Night

  1. Sorry for your tiff. Hope it will soon be over, a thing of the past, yesterdays news good only for canary droppings. The food looks and sounds wonderful.

  2. You my friend are FUNNY!!!! No worries…it’s when the fights are not funny later that you have to worry….love you lady…and I’m still looking forward to babysitting that chubby man of yours…

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