Lose The Baby Weight With Oat Bran

Love in a bowl.

I am a volume eater. Me feeling satisfied eating one cookie (unless it’s the size of my head) is about as likely as me getting a suntan.  During this postpartum “wanna get my body back but know I need to eat healthy and plentifully in order to keep my strength (and milk) up yet I have no time or free hands to feed myself” time, food can be a tricky business.  I will admit this personal chef has had way too many protein bars for “meals” because anything else seemed like too much trouble. Then I’m hungry and cranky, which is not a good recipe for a happy mama and therefore, a happy baby.

I believe I’ve found the solution:  Oat bran!

It’s quick and easy to prepare, it’s a completely versatile ingredient, it’s healthy, it’s excellent for milk production, and most importantly, it gives me a big bowl of comfort for 150 calories.

Make you some oat bran today!

Oat Bran Basics

Serves One Hungry Mama (or PS, your babe would probably dig this, too!)

1/2 cup dry oat bran

1 1/4 cups water

pinch salt (do not skip this, just like pasta, all grains are bland bland bland on their own. Adding this salt will enhance the oatey goodness).

Put oat bran, water, and salt in a small pot over medium heat. Whisk frequently and bring to a boil, then cook for one minute. It will get thick, that’s how you’ll know it’s done.

Now the fun begins!

I always add cinnamon, almond milk and a few drops of liquid vanilla stevia to taste.  Then, I want some crunch.  Yesterday, I crumbled up a granola bar. I’ve also added cereal, fruit, dried fruit, cookies, yogurt, nuts, nut butter…with 8 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber per 1/2 cup serving, you will be doing your body a huge favor. Now go forth in fullness, mamas! xoxo

2 comments on “Lose The Baby Weight With Oat Bran

  1. Hi, Mandy, wow, that’s a lot of fiber!
    Chobani plain 0% greek yogurt cup packs a punch with 18g of protein, added with 2TBs of ground flax seed with 3g protein and 4g of dietary fiber + your favorite fruits is a great way to go as well. Seeing as strawberries are at the peak of freshness at all your local farmers markets, you may or may not need an additional sweetener + a dash of cinnamon is always good, too. This breakfast provides 21g protein + good fats, and 2400 mg of Omega 3.
    Add in some good walks for fresh air and changes of scenery, and that weight will disappear. Just remember it took 9 months to add all that weight on…and will take some time to get it off and stay off.
    Good wishes always! Happy cooking and baking!

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