10 1/2 Hours And Counting

He is still asleep. No feedings at all. He hasn’t even broken out of his swaddle. Times I’ve checked to make sure he’s still breathing:  4.  Times I’ve had to pump:  2.  I’ve already taken my shower, gotten dressed and made the bed and now I’m just waiting. I really do not want to wake a sleeping baby but boy are my boobs talking to me.

I guess he likes his new crib!  Here he is in the newly finished nursery:


2 comments on “10 1/2 Hours And Counting

  1. Awwwwwwwwww, he reminds me so much of Finn! Could be that they’re both boys almost exactly the same age, haha! Ian is adorable!! Baby laughs warm the heart like no other!! 🙂

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