The Tail End Of Canada

Last night, the forecast said sunny and hot so it is overcast and cool.

These pictures tell a story. We have Uncle Mark’s tackle box and fishing rod, my snorkel and mask, Irises near Chick Peter’s deck, Lolly’s garden and fairie place, the bench near grandma and grandpa’s markers, the old Franklin stove which was used for years to heat the cottage, and a piece of the basswood no one wanted to split for firewood.Time just doesn’t move very quickly here which is part of its appeal to me.

Hope your day is a very good one! Mine is already. Love, Dad


My computer/camera prowess is not good as I would like so both of these pictures have loons in them. Your mission should you accept it is to blow them up to about 100% so you can actually see them. Love, Dad


Hi Mandy..These are the melmac dishes from the 1950’s. The colors were maroon and lime green,grey, and dark green. So ugly..but I can remember my dad drinking coffee from the cups, and the cups are square. I though you would like this. It is accompanied by 1950’s silverware. xo Grandma Kate


This was a good time, not the most spectacular sunset but a pretty one. We are traveling today. We may do the whole trip and may stay over depending on our level of fatigue.
Have a great day! Love, Dad

One comment on “The Tail End Of Canada

  1. Great memories! Now it is back to my real life and awaiting the arrival of our wonderful California family!

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