Happy Airplane

Buh Bye!
Middle seat was empty so I got to play with my feet and everything!
The man at the window was very nice. He didn't speak much English, like me, and he snapped his fingers and clapped his hands whenever I looked his way.
These were the nice people in the row behind us. The mama was flying with her 14 month-old, Jack, and next to her was Jacob, who was flying by himself. He just happened to be a huge baby fan.
Jacob held me twice so mama could go to the bathroom and organize the diaper bag. She hopes I grow up to be as sweet as him.

First flight was a soaring success.  From having a Delta flight attendant behind me going through security, who helped me with the stroller, to the nice older gentleman who held the stroller steady while I plopped Ian in after we deplaned, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome (hello, open middle seat? That NEVER happens).  He didn’t cry or shit up his back or spit up, took two naps, and didn’t even need to nurse during the descent. He was thoroughly un-bothered by the experience. Here’s to hoping this wasn’t beginner’s luck!

My little traveler.

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