Last Days In Michigan

Fourth of July flowers.
The exersaucer was a BIG hit.
Perfect 4th eats. Grass fed beef hot dogs, bison sausage, grilled squash, baked beans...
...corn on the cobb...
...sauteed baby potatoes with carmelized onions...
My plate. Best part was dressing my dog with pickled cucumber and onions. Yum, mama, thank you!
Fireworks at Burns Park with old friends, before the fireworks started and we had to run home because our baby was freaking out (oops).
Teenage angst face. We spent many a moon in this mode back in the day.


Completely delicious lunch with husband at Jerusalem Garden.


Lentil soup and falafel sandwich. Mmmmmmmmm.


Baby came to say hi to our financial planners. He was bored.


Last lunch we enjoyed with Claire at Mark's Carts. Ian was not interested in looking at the camera.


We tried.


Even the fool-proof watch trick. Nope.


Matching mama and papa. We enjoyed lamb burgers and duck fat fries and chorizo corn dogs al fresco. Nice light lunch in 86 degree weather.


Sigh. Where does the time go?  If only the flight home would go as fast…until Christmas, we bid adieu to Ann Arbor. Heavy sigh.

Jerusalem Garden

Mark’s Carts


2 comments on “Last Days In Michigan

  1. How fun! Are you from Michigan? How did you end up all the way here in CA? I’m from IL and then moved to NC….always curious how people end up in CA from the midwest!

  2. I moved to LA in 2000 to be an actress. I assumed I would fail, move back to Ann Arbor, have babies and live across the street from my parents.

    Then, I fell in love.

    I fell in love with a California boy who had a son and a job in the “biz”. So I’m stuck in LA. Love my life, hate the city.

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