Yeah But How Do I Make Money?

So I’m bummed today. My latest passion (if you hadn’t noticed) is mamas and babies and birth. Before that, it was cheffing, cookie making, blogging, massage therapy…it seems I love choosing professions that are next to impossible to really make a living at. Or at least it is for me.

Yes I know it’s possible, but as soon as it seems I’m getting traction, I lose it. Clients leave town, or in order to get a client base or a business started I have to afford to work for free (or lose money)…and I keep choosing service industry work that really is more of a luxury than a necessity. And now I’m a mom, which adds childcare and Ian’s well being into the mix.

I simply want to earn doing something I love. And I’m stuck in the how.

I know I know, poor me.

I’ll leave you with a smile.

What's a living? And why do you need to make one?

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