First Night Success!


7:40pm: In crib, awake

Cried intermittently for five minutes

9:30pm: Dream feed number one. Nursed for 8 minutes total

12:00am: Dream feed number two. Nursed for 8 minutes total

2:00am: Wake up with very intermittent, mild fussing. This went on for about an hour, but he would be quiet for 15-20 minutes at a stretch. We never went in to check on him because he never progressed to a full-blown cry.

4:00am: Dream feed number three. Nursed for 7 minutes total

6:15am: One small cry.

6:30am: Went in to congratulate Ian for 11 hours of sleep time! He was restfully alert on his tummy and happy.

Now the process involves keeping the same dream feeds at the same time, slowly lessening the nursing time until he’s weaned. I think what happened at 2am is normal; he’s learning what to do when he wakes up, and he’s learning that it doesn’t involve a boob. He’s OBVIOUSLY getting enough nourishment with three dream feeds per night.

It was a long night for Ev and I but we feel good about finally doing this properly and we can tell Ian is much more comfortable with this than with the hodge podge homemade ways we were trying before.

Hurrah! Now I’m going to put him down for a nap and crash me self.

Here he is making the sign for "Mama". Yep, that's what I'm telling myself.

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