Eggrolls & Sleep Stats

Business before pleasure.  Here are the current sleep stats:

Two awesome, into-the-crib-awake naps yesterday.

7:36pm down after bed routine. He cried for 18 minutes (11 of those minutes were intermittent crying. We did one check in, which seemed to make him more mad).

9:30pm 8 minute dream feed

12:00am 6 minute dream feed (he fussed a tiny bit upon returning to his crib, maybe 20 seconds)

4:00am slept thru my alarm for dream feed number three. He started to fuss at 4:15am, intermittently.

4:33am 4 minute dream feed (fussed when I put him down for 20 seconds)

7:20am woke him up. Happy boy!

10:00am nap one, up at 11:15am

3pm nap two, had to wake him after an hour (this nap was way too late-I had gone grocery shopping. I’m sure he would have slept longer but I didn’t want him sleeping much past 4pm since we start getting him ready for bed at 7pm).

7:30pm down, fussed for 20 seconds.

We’ll see how the night goes. Dream feeds are cut down to 8 minutes, 6 minutes, and 4 minutes.  Again, I am completely unattached to night weaning, and if he still needs a dream feed or two, I’m fine with that. I’m just happy to break the mom/boob sleep association.

Onto other things:

I have a few parties coming up that I’m catering, so it’s recipe test time! Today I had a very odd dinner:

Veggie Eggrolls and Raw Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad with Cilantro. Delish!

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