Updates & Cupcakes

I will not bore you with sleep stats anymore.  All I will say is that it’s going very well, and if you are ever curious how The Sleep Easy Solution works, you know who to ask!

Ian is 7 1/2 months old and the milestones and changes and development is happening so fast I can hardly keep up. Here’s what’s going on now:

He suddenly loves the jumper. He hated it for so long, I thought it was a lost cause and was ready to take it to the consignment shop. I decided to try it one last time and voila, Ian’s smitten. He jumps in that thing about an hour a day, and it’s especially handy when husband and I are getting our morning workouts in.

He’s pulling himself up to standing! His favorite spot to do this is the ottoman in front of the couch to check out dad’s computer.

Whatcha doin'?

Yesterday I went to see my midwife, and during my exam we put Ian on the floor to play. Racha suddenly said to me, “Ian’s trying to put on your shoes.” I thought she was kidding, and when I turned to look, he was TOTALLY trying to put my sandals on his feet.  I am SO impressed, and feel the need to buy him a pair of sandals.

It’s seems his “mamamamamamamama” sounds are becoming more directed toward me. They become especially assertive when he’s hungry. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to experience the beginnings of communication. I’m sure he feels the same way.

I will leave you with a few scrumptious shots of the cupcake order I fulfilled this morning. Banana Walnut with Spiced Buttercream, and Baby Red Velvets with Cream Cheese Frosting. All vegan.  It’s all I can do not to have frosting for breakfast.

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