The Sweetest Cake

Jamaica, of Jamaica’s Cakes, is a High Pastress and a wonderful friend.

She made our wedding day special (and delicious).
And helped us welcome Ian.

Almost exactly a year to the day after Ian’s arrival, Jamaica will welcome her first baby.  I am beyond excited about this, and Ian and I were invited to the reveal of baby’s gender today.  So we packed up the diaper bag  and had cake for lunch (well those of us who are eating solids did).

A friendly fellow baker made and dropped the cake off in the morning, so no one at Jamaica's bakery was the wiser.
Happy mama awaits her fate.

Mom in Oregon was on speakerphone.
Here we go!
Carefully cut so the filling would not show on the knife before the wedge was removed (thank God she's a professional).
Happy tears!
The new mom takes a moment with her mom.
Thank you for letting us share this specialist of times with you.
It's a girl!

3 comments on “The Sweetest Cake

  1. OMG!!! It brought tears to my eyes AGAIN!! How cool to have a visual-diary of it all unfolding!!!!!!!! And to see me sitting there on the table too!!! Ohhhh!!! So sweet!!! The tall chocolate frosted cake with all the ???? on it was really cute!!! (I think you should advertise that you will do those for people, as well!!!)
    Thanks for sharing and we are all SO EXCITED, here in Oregon!!
    LOve you and BIG HUGS!!!!!
    Gramama too!!!

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