It’s On

Tuesday afternoon. Watching The Cosby Show. Making lentil stew. Observing Ian explore the entire downstairs. Using exersaucer as a barricade for the stairs. Installed the rubber door stops and outlet covers. Waiting for the baby gates to arrive.

Kitchen is no man’s land. I let him crawl in there and he made a beeline for the “drawer of chaos” (contains things like the Aim Flame, cupcake liners, business cards, piping bags, tape, ribbon, egg timers…), and promptly opened it.

Yeah, it’s on now. He’s aware and curious at a whole other level beyond fervor. The good news is, I won’t have to diet any time soon. The bad news is I won’t have time to eat anything.

Tip toes.




Practicing my safe landing.




Mom lets me play with shoes until I put them in my mouth.


Stairs trump Crocs.



I'm comin' to getcha!


Box delivery! Guess what was inside?


...and this is only half the order...


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