Proof Of The Baby

Baby-proofing is a process. Thought I would document the latest incarnation before the first “formal” install this weekend when I have all my boys here (Evan, Austin, and Dirk).

Latest fireplace barricade. 'Til he figures out he can pull the pillows/blankets away. We'll put the ottomans back once the baby gates are in place.
Laptop in the corner, with wires tucked away. This will work until he's figured out how to get up onto the couch. How much time I got?
Another temp barricade pre-gate.
Wanna bet he figures out he can crawl thru to get to the shoes and stairs?
My personal favorite. He can stand safely outside and watch me cook. I hand him various toys to keep him occupied. These damn ottomans were the best things we ever bought. Crate & Barrel if you wanna copy me.

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