Hummus & Nutella Cookies (Not Together)

We were at Whole Foods yesterday and there was a hummus girl handing out hummus samples. I went with my mama intuition, dunked my finger in the hummus sample I was given and offered it to Ian. He liked it! He kept opening his mouth for more bites (this never happens).

Today I put him in the high chair and gave him some hummus on the tray and let him have a party. After he covered himself and the tray in hummus, he ate a lot of it off himself and the tray. Yes, he has hummus in his eyelashes. I’m okay with that.

While he “playte,” I made vegan Nutella cookies with candy corn. Recipe found here (I subbed the egg with a “flax egg” which is one tablespoon ground flax mixed with three tablespoons of water).



I love how I thought rolling up his sleeves and putting a bib on him would prevent a mess. The first thing he did was take a full hand of hummus and rub down his entire left side.


Work that spoon.



Halloween Nutella cookies. Boo.

One comment on “Hummus & Nutella Cookies (Not Together)

  1. face it mandy. the kid needs to just eat naked. i think i’d still be eating naked if i didn’t get so many weird looks from people. ah well. that’s what stain fighters are for!

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