My First Mexican

Tonight we did something we very rarely do. Took Ian out to eat. I’m super anxious about this (cuz I’m super anxious about almost everything, actually), but I had the feeling he would be okay, and he was.

Plus, I just got a haircut and needed to go out in public immediately while it still looked good.

I'm so hungry for Mexican food...

I chose Don Antonio’s because the service is quick and they have always seemed kid-friendly. The place is perfect: not too quiet, not too noisy, and dark so you can’t see all the stuff thrown on the floor.

First, we had to survey the scene. There were a lot of new things to look at. NO time to pose for a picture, obvi.
Checking out the young couple drinking beers across the way. Wonder if we were good birth control?
Is anyone gonna feed me?

Eating is getting more fun by the day. Ian is an expert at eating off the spoon now, so after a corn tortilla amuse-bouche, he enjoyed a side of guacamole and banana mango puree for dessert. Ole.

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