Sunday Paper


You are pointing and waving, pointing and waving.


I came in to your room in the morning to find your blue polka dot pillow on the floor. Is this foreshadowing of other things being thrown out of the crib? Are you gonna be one of those babes who hurls himself over the side?


I think you may be giving up your afternoon nap. Sort of. If we’re home when you get tired, you will go down for about an hour, but if we’re out and about, you sleep in the car for as long as it takes to get home and that’s all she wrote. You won’t even fall asleep in the stroller. The good news is, you’re not too cranky (most of the time) and on the days that you are, you seem to make up that sleep the next morning. I guess life is too exciting to waste napping…


Your first car accident. Driving in the rain to Bodhi’s house. No one was hurt, and mama was not at fault. We are grounded, however, until we get you a new car seat. And our insurance covers $99.99. That will not be what we spend on your new car seat.


We had the longest afternoon ever. I’m pretty sure it took two weeks for 3pm to become 5pm. I think you are frustrated because you’re trying to communicate and I have no idea what you’re saying. I tried reading, playing, nursing, giving you teething gel. Nope, seems you just needed to express yourself, loudly. I finally decided to feed you in the highchair (maybe you’re hungry? like, for food?) and you ate with some enthusiasm (hummus, avocado, zucchini and carrot soup, and Greens Puffs) and now you’re happily chomping on your rubber Gumby. I’m praying dad comes home on time…


We had the best visitors ever: Midwife extraordinaire Racha and her magical baby Zula. After your second day in a row of record crankinpantsness, you managed to be a pretty charming host. Most importantly, Racha made us West African Ground Nut Stew that changed my life. I was on the world wide interweb looking up recipes while chewing. The evening ended on a low note when we discovered that you had your first fever. 99.1 at bedtime.


Miraculously, you slept through the night, although you woke up early at 5:30am. By 6am it was a full on cryfest that has lasted most of the day. You are sick. You still have periods of happy independent play, but you do not want to nap, and wake up crying each time you do allow yourself to rest.  I’m also feeling under the weather with an itch, slightly runny nose and a headache. So grateful Austin and husband are here to help as I have no energy. What will tonight bring?


We survived. Barely. Yea, I’m exaggerating but I’m sick too so I’m allowed. You finally went to sleep around 10:30pm after many failed attempts. Your big brother played with you while I power napped. It seemed the only way you would fall asleep was for me to stay in the room with you. You still cried, but eventually you went to sleep. I stifled my sneezes and coughs and dabbed at my runny nose with a bunch of old Kleenex and tried not to move for fear of waking you. You slept off and on until 8:15am and you woke seemingly much happier. Right now you’re watching your brother make himself a bowl of cereal. That’s some light at the end of the tunnel right there…

In conclusion, this week is not a week I’d like to repeat.

Austin making a bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins. Yet another thing you can't have yet.


Dad managed to put your jammies on in the dark after you barfed on your first pair. They're inside out, of course.


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